The A.P.E.T.S Way… Every interaction Counts

by Jennifer Ruiz / Wednesday, 03 February 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

At APETS we live (and not just laminate) our mantra that every interaction counts. Conceived by the innovators behind Action Petz, and crafted by some of the most progressive minds in the companion dog world, A.P.E.T.S truly is a new kind of dog training school.

We’ll be blogging about our thoughts, experiences, beliefs and aspirations as we develop our suite of programmes and events. But I wanted to start here by explaining our mantra every interaction counts as it’s so central to the way that we do things as A.P.E.T.S.

Some folks believe that ‘only a dog trainer’ is capable of communicating with dogs in a language that they understand. I often hear ‘Oh, I’m not a dog trainer’ spoke apologetically as if, it is only dog trainers who achieve special passported status into the realms of ‘knowing about dogs’.  Well here’s the thing, firstly anyone can call themselves a dog trainer (or behaviourist for that matter, but that’s for another soapbox!) At the moment in the UK and elsewhere, this kind of work is totally unregulated and unmonitored. Yes, there are some fantastic independent bodies who raise the bar and promote high welfare standards  (at APETS we’re quite keen on the Animal Behaviour and Training Council) and some wonderful people who work with dogs and take their professional practice very seriously. We’ll talk about who floats our boat in future blogs But, just because you train dogs, doesn’t mean that you automatically qualify as an authority on the sort of kindness that APETS believes is central to our lives with our companion dogs.

And that’s what every interaction counts is about. It’s about empowering people who work everyday in the company of dogs – so that includes; dog walkers, pet sitters, rescue staff, foster carers, daycare and dog park assistants. We commit to recognizing the work of these practitioners and providing them with cutting edge evidence-based knowledge, practical hands-on tools and techniques rooted in kindness and trust, that will give them confidence and competence in their interactions with dogs. After all, these are the individuals on the frontline where every interaction (truly) counts.

Our training school recognizes people at every stage of their journey with dogs – and here’s the thing… if you decide that you do want to be part of our exciting new wave of dog training professional, APETS will be here to guide, encourage and support you all the way. Through A.P.E.T.S we’re calling the companion dog industry out on the paradigm shift that’s needed to keep dogs in our hearts as well as in our homes.

Love Shelley, Jen & Kerry – the APETS Team

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