What is APETS? ACTION PETZ EDUCATION & TRAINING SCHOOL is a facility based in Cardiff, South Wales that is a purpose built education and dog training venue. APETS offers courses to learners that wish to embark on a journey toward becoming an Accredited Canine Technician and or subsequently a Canine Trainer.

A recently founded company that recognised in the UK many training courses offered to prospective Canine Trainers do not have adequate training facilities that enable students to have access to excellent practical learning.

We believe that in order to learn how to handle and train dogs, it is imperative to have the opportunity to learn in a practical way and that means access to firstly dogs and secondly a good quality training environment. APETS can satisfy both of these needs where many other courses cannot.

Our Instructor - Jane

Jane is a professional dog trainer and animal behaviourist with over 10 years’ experience in her pocket.

She holds a Masters degree with Distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from Newcastle University, UK. She is also an honours graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers. She has over ten years of experience in private consulting and animal rescue centre work. Jane ensures that her knowledge and skills are current through a programme of continuing professional development attending lectures and courses internationally.

In addition to being the Instructor for APETS, Jane can be spotted tending for her human and canine guests in The Barn, a holiday home located in South West Wales. The Barn provides 22 acres of private secure paddocks and woodlands for the exclusive use of guests. It is the perfect holiday for those who have nervous or reactive dogs, dogs that cannot usually be let off the lead safely or those who simply love to run & run!


APETS goal is to provide high quality training and education to learners that are committed to becoming ethical, knowledgeable, accredited dog handlers and dog trainers.

To help accomplish our mission, APETS is dedicated to the following:

  • To provide high quality and comprehensive education courses that prepare students that wish to embark on a professional learning journey.
  • To impart knowledge and skills that prepare for lifelong learning and progression towards excellence and success.
  • To provide outstanding facilities, equipment and surroundings to ensure a high quality learning environment.
  • To deliver outstanding course content that is up to date and evidence based.
  • To provide practical, hands-on instruction to students that is competence assessed.
  • To uphold our code of conduct that recognises the worth and dignity of all people and is sensitive to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the student population.
  • Every student is encouraged to reach their potential within the framework of their individual needs, interests, and capabilities.
  • APETS delivers instructional methods based on adult learning theory focusing on preparing graduates for vocational success. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are emphasised and delivered through a variety of different teaching methods to ensure equality for all learners.
  • APETS encourage active student participation in tasks that accomplish the learning objectives. Instruction is provided by a combination of self-study and hands on training.
  • APETS recognises that it has an obligation to assist students in their individual learning journeys towards professional qualifications and career success.