Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to train with APETS, these include our scientific and force-free approach mapped to the standards set by the National Occupational Standards for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists as well as the ABTC, our outstanding facilities, the emphasis on practical/hands-on training and the ongoing support our students receive during and after training with us. More specifically, when you train with APETS you get:

  • A revolutionary and progressive approach: at APETS we’re raising the standards of practice within the sector. Our training programmes fuse together science, behaviour and practical dog training skills with the cutting edge research emerging from the academic discipline of Anthrozoology.
  • Adequate facilities: our facilities enable students to have access to excellent practical learning. In addition, we offer Doggy Day Care for your dog, a comfortable café and, ongoing refreshments and purpose-built classroom to learn in the best of comfort.
  • Practical training: We believe that in order to learn how to manage, understand and train dogs, it is imperative to have the opportunity to learn in a practical way and that means access to firstly dogs and secondly a good quality training environment. A.P.E.T.S can satisfy both of these needs where many other courses cannot.
  • Small class groups: scientific research has proven that small classrooms provides both students and teachers with the best learning environment. Our small classes mean there will be always time to discuss everyone's ideas and complete all course-related activities allowing our instructor to guide you and tailor her teaching based on the group's needs.
  • Ongoing contact and support: your APETS journey and learning doesn’t finish once you get your certificate! We have very active Facebook group for our students to keep learning and discussing. Also, once a month we meet at the centre for our discussion group “Paws for Thought”.

Every Interaction Counts it’s about empowering people who spend a lot of time in the company of dogs to provide them with the competence and confidence required to interact with dogs in an ethical and enriched way.

We believe that training or learning about dogs is a continuous process, not just a “classroom” experience; we learn from them and they learn from us through daily interactions… and all of them count!

Your course fees cover all tuition costs, your training welcome pack (dog lead, treat bag, clicker and carrier bag) plus any learning materials (photocopies, prints, etc.) supplied by the tutor. Please bear in mind only first-time students for either ROOTS, SHOOTS or BLOOMS will get the training welcome pack.

Fees do not cover travelling expenses, full catering or accommodation.

No. We supply you with all the course reading materials necessary for you to fully understand each module.

Yes, you will be required to complete assignments both at the classroom and at home, most of these assignments are designed broaden and cement your understanding of the topics taught in your course.

You will also be required read your course’s compulsory reading list, in it you will found research articles and books that will complement your theoretical training. We also include an optional reading list for those wishing to broaden their knowledge.

It varies, with ROOTS you will receive around 70% theory training (this includes observation time at Doggy Day Care and  at Action Petz Indoor Dog Park), with the remaining being hands-on training with our dogs. It is important to cover a fair amount of theoretical knowledge first in order to securely and confidently proceed to the practical stage.

With SHOOTS your theoretical training will be 20% classroom-based with the remainder being spent gaining skills with practical training sessions.

For BLOOMS, we’re yet discussing and determining the right balance between theory and practice. Please keep an eye on this space for updates.

Yes, you can pay for your course in 3 instalments. We will require you to set a direct debit/card payment and pay for your first instalment before your training course begins.

We also accept ReAct funding and are happy to guide you and support you with the paperwork process, however please be aware that you must pay for the totality of your course upfront, once you sucesfully complete your course ReAct will pay you back your course fees.

Light refreshments are readily available in your classroom at no extra cost. This includes tea, coffee, fresh drinking water and snacks throughout the day for your comfort.

Additionally, we have a café in the centre where you can purchase hot and cold snacks.

Yes, there is parking onsite and it is free of charge.

The ROOTS Course is open to anyone wishing to become a Canine Practitioner, we assume no prior experience (either theoretical or practical).

The SHOOTS Course is available to ROOTS graduates or via entry exam to those with a solid understanding in the science of behaviourism which is fundamental to the training techniques that we teach on this course.

The BLOOMS Course is available to SHOOTS graduates or via entry exam/interview to those with a solid knowledge (theoretical and practical) on the science of animal learning, including how to successfully train companion dogs to be well balanced and healthy family members.

A.P.E.T.S. requires that all students attend a minimum of 80% of their chosen training course in order to qualify for completition and potential certification. However, A.P.E.T.S recognise that students may suffer from some illness or misfortune that adversely affects their ability to meet the required 80% attendance, if this was the case our Mitigating Circumstances Policy will be activated on a case-by-case basis.

While bringing your dog to the classroom is not permitted, you can definitely leave him with us at Action Petz’s Doggy Day Care. This means you can carry on with your training course while your dog is only a few steps away from you making new friends and having fun! You can check our special Day Care price for APETS students here.

No, our courses are not residential. We’re, however, located in the heart of Cardiff, thus finding suitable accommodation and transport won’t be a problem. If you need help, advice or guidance regarding accommodation please don’t hesitate to contact the School Coordinator.

Our training programmes have been mapped to the relevant National Occupational Standards for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists, and also meets professional standards set by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. We’re currently working for accreditation with the ABTC.

Absolutely. Your APETS journey does not finish once you receive your certificate. We keep in touch through our APETS graduates and current students Facebook group, this is a very active group in which we discuss our personal experiences with dog training as well as interesting articles, videos, etc. Additionally, we meet once a month for Paws for Thoughts, this is our social group, we meet here to catch up, network and discuss set topics regarding dog training and behaviour.

You can click here to download our full cancellations and refunds policy.