What’s in a name?

Thursday, 18 February 2016 by

What’s in a name?

Just recently I’ve been thinking about the importance we attach to our job titles in our work with dogs. The differences between assistant, carer, trainer and behaviourist are huge in terms of the value we place on them, but actually minuscule if we think about things from the dog’s perspective.
Inspired by Jean Donaldson’s article ‘If they could march’ in which she compels us to consider what dogs would vote for if they could wager political influence on their own lives, I’ve been pondering what dogs would call the humans in their lives if they had the choice. Probably, we’d find that wouldn’t care too hoots about our job titles! Which got me thinking very deeply about what they would care about…


2016 Roots Program Course Dates

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 by

Thank you all for your interest in the Roots Program here at A.P.E.T.S.

Due to the great amount of interest generated, we are now happy to announce the next dates available for the 2 week long ROOTS courses in 2016.

Remember, those booking any ROOTS Canine Practitioner course before the 1st of March 2016 (regardless of the start date of the course selected) will get to benefit from our introductory offer of £990. This is a limited time opening offer from A.P.E.T.S so don’t miss out!

The course dates are as follows:

ROOTS 1: 22nd February until 4th March 2016

ROOTS 2: 4th April until 15th April 2016

ROOTS 3: 20th June until 1st of July 2016

ROOTS 4: 8th August until 19th August 2016

ROOTS 5: 24th October until 4th November 2016

Weekend Courses (for those unable to attend weekday courses, weekend course will run for 5 weekends, 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday)

Roots Weekend Course 1: Starting Sat 26th March

Roots Weekend Course 2: Starting Sat 10th September



At APETS we live (and not just laminate) our mantra that every interaction counts. Conceived by the innovators behind Action Petz, and crafted by some of the most progressive minds in the companion dog world, A.P.E.T.S truly is a new kind of dog training school.

We’ll be blogging about our thoughts, experiences, beliefs and aspirations as we develop our suite of programmes and events. But I wanted to start here by explaining our mantra every interaction counts as it’s so central to the way that we do things as A.P.E.T.S.